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Camp Comet is located on the Silver Comet, in Rockmart GA

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Forum Discussions about Camp Comet

Is camp comet safe to camp?
Scott from Jackson Michigan on 02/14/2021 11:58 PM:
I have biked the silver comet and chief ladiga trail all the way through, and plan on enjoying it again this coming spring. I want to bring camping gear on my bike's cargo trailer to camp in a few places and break out my trusty dusty cast iron for some good old fashioned open fire cooking.

I heard rumors that the campground called camp comet can be a little shady because of the homeless population.

Is it safe to pitch a tent and camp there?

Camp Comet in Cedartown
Anonymous on 08/06/2020 08:32 PM:
Any current info?

Bruce from Marietta on 10/09/2020 01:34 PM:
Primitive, filter your water, no facilities.

Anonymous on 10/12/2020 11:06 AM:
Bruce is correct. But I would like to add that there is a port-o-let at the Don Williams Trailhead, a quarter mile east of the camp. It was very clean when I was there a few years ago. Sure beats squatting in the woods for #2. The camp was well kept with two or three clear areas for tents. It also had a couple of grills and some log benches. It's back in the woods and very shady. Don't forget your favorite bug repellent.

Camp Comet in Cedartown
Comet Rider from Suwanee, GA on 10/22/2013 12:56 PM:
July 2012, I camped at Camp Comet with a group of Boys Scouts. While I am thankful for a camping spot that is half way between Smyrna and Anniston. The lack of water, picnic tables and road access, severely limit the usefulness of the campsite. Water for drinking and washing is an absolute necessity after a day of biking.
This summer I biked the Montour / Great Allegheny Passage / C & I Canal trails in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Those trails have campsites with water (old fashioned hand pump), picnic tables and porti-johns every 10 miles or so.