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Weaver to Smyrna to Weaver
DANIEL COLLINS from HOUSTON TX on 05/12/2023 02:58 PM
Curious about gas stations for refueling ? Are there signs directing to gas stations along the trail? Also are there a lot of stop signs along the trail?

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 05/16/2023 07:46 AM
Use the map and zoom down, most facilities start to show up.
Very thin in Alabama except near towns.

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Carrie on 04/10/2023 07:09 PM
I was curious if one could travel the silver comet by walking instead of riding a bike?

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 04/11/2023 07:01 AM
No problem.
Generally, around most accesses parking lots are a lot of walkers enjoying the trail. The east end, (Smyrna), is more urbanized with subdivisions. Once west of Dallas the trail is in wilderness woods.
Then, you come back into small towns and then back to woods or along, (parallel), a highway.

Dan from Smyrna on 04/25/2023 01:44 PM
Absolutely. The entire trail is walker friendly (well, I guess the landfill isn't exactly a lovely hike) and the only issue is proximity to parking / resources in some of the more remote parts. I've encountered hikers on every section of the trail

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Shuttle service?
Mark M from Smyrna, TN on 01/21/2023 07:12 PM
I have ridden the entire thing but in two separate trips. I am wondering if anyone provides a shuttle service. Doesn't matter which end I start and finish at. I saw where there use to be a Shuttle in Anniston but apparently, they are no longer around.

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 01/25/2023 08:31 AM
Willing to provide assistance.
I am not a service, just a fellow rider.
You can contact me at:

Mark M from Smyrna, TN on 01/25/2023 10:18 PM
Thank you. When I get a date figured out I will let you know more. Probably March or April.

Jim and Patty from Lafayette, Indiana on 03/26/2023 04:00 PM
We rode the trail from Smyrna to Anniston on March 12 and 13, 2023. It's a great ride, one of the nicest rail trails in the US! We left our car in Smyrna and decided to try to find a shuttle back from Anniston. We had read about possible shuttle services in Piedmont and Powder Springs. The PS service was not available, but we got a winner in the Elevated Grounds Cafe in Piedmont. They arranged a ride for the two of us and our bikes with only one day notice! We are grateful!!

Steve Fleischman from Anchorage Alaska on 04/01/2023 05:38 PM
Hello! Four of us are hoping to ride from Dallas to Anniston starting on April 23rd but we have not yet found a way to get back to our vehicle on Wed April 26th. Any suggestions?

Tim Corbin from Augusta, Georgia on 04/08/2023 09:44 AM
Jim & Patty,
I would be very interested to know where you left your
vehicle in Smyrna.

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Elevated Grounds Coffee Shop in Piedmont
Jim and Patty from Lafayette, Indiana on 03/26/2023 04:24 PM
We used the shuttle service at Elevated Grounds to get from Anniston to Smyrna with our bikes. It's great! Flexible, friendly, accommodating. Smooth transition. We recommend!

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Country Inn & Suites - Hiram in Hiram
BarbG from Le Mars on 03/18/2023 02:57 PM
How far is the silver Comet Trail from the hotel?

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 03/24/2023 09:46 AM
About 1 mile South, down Watts Rd, Right onto Coppermine Rd, Left onto Weddington Rd. You are between MP# 16 - 17. Streets are generally clear, low traffic, easy ride.

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40th bday help
phil conine from Milford, ct on 02/22/2023 03:22 PM
Hey all,
My fionce and myself are traveling down to ride the trail over a cpl days to celebrate my 40th bday!!! My obstacle is we need to get our bikes from Anniston back to Smyrna. We are moving onward after trail ride to Birmingham then to Nashville before back home. Can anyone make a recommendation on how we could achieve this without backtracking to Smyrna??? We just need a way to get bikes back and could figure something out super awesome if anyone can help or assist. Date we need help on is March 29


Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 03/01/2023 12:24 PM
Willing to provide assistance.
I am not a service, just a fellow rider.
You can contact me at:

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camping along trail?
Benjamin Gibbs from MARION, NC on 01/17/2023 03:22 PM
Hi everyone....wondering about camping along the trail? I only see one designated campground on the the map camping along the trail allowed?

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 01/18/2023 08:49 AM
Generally, yes, when you are in a Wildlife Management Area.
In Paulding County West of MP# 28, (Paulding Forest WMA).
In Alabama, around of MP# 7, (Pinhoti Wilderness Area).

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Ride Report 5/10-11/2022
JS from Anderson SC on 05/13/2022 09:42 AM
Chief Ladiga - Silver Comet Trail Ride
May 10 - 11 2022

May 10: 2:00 - 5:30 Anniston AL to Cedartown GA Quality Inn.
May 11: 7:30 - 1100 Cedartown to Powder Springs Root Trading

Just want to say “Thanks” to Jake and Zach at Root Trading in Powder Springs GA.

My buddy and I decided to give bike packing a try and decided on the Ladiga-Comet as a good test run. I started emailing back and forth with Jake at Root Trading the middle of 2021 about their shuttle services. We finalized our plans early in 2022 with the weather being our only deciding factor. May 10/11 provided us with the perfect weather so it was all systems GO!

We arrived in Powder Springs, surprisingly a quiet, quaint, small town just 25 miles out of downtown Atlanta at about 12 noon. We were unpacked, repacked and in the shuttle with Zach within half an hour. We left the keys to our car with Jake and the parking area looked perfectly safe and secure with lights, cameras and just enough people coming and going etc.

It is roughly a 1.5 hour drive from Powder Springs to the trailhead park on the outskirts of Anniston AL. (Note the time there is central but will have no bearing on anything) Zach was good driver/host and patient while we unloaded, switched into our riding gear, loaded our bike - bags and handed off what was going back to our car with him.

Standing in the park’s open parking lot we both had a moment of doubt. It was full on sun from a cloudless sky and easily tipping the mercury around 85. But - Zach was long gone and it wasn’t like we had any choice. We chatted with another couple who had just completed Cedartown to Anniston for a bit and then hit the trail ourselves where we almost immediately found ourselves comfortably under a heavily shaded tree canopy with a mild breeze blowing - perfect riding weather!

Now, about the trail. With the exception of perhaps 10 miles of our nearly 90 the trail was always in the shade. The trail was also, with the exception of about 10 miles, a bit of a mess - branches, twigs, sticks, pine needles, pine cones, leaves. Keeping in mind this was May 10-11 so I have no idea if that is normal or not. Yet it was also easily and safely rideable and nothing I would even be remotely concerned about. It is after all a “trail” not a road. The trail surface is excellent (paved in AL concrete in GA) with only a handful of “watch-its” along the entire ride.

May as well get this over with now. There is one “hilly” section just past Cedartown headed back to Powder Springs. That’s it. Maybe 3 miles with a few short climbs. You do have the typical rail-to-trail 2% gradient (Cedartown to Powder Springs) but no other hills, mountains, climbs or even any moments of out-of-the saddle. Heck they would be welcome once in a while… Seriously, I think the longest “climb” is Main Street on your way to the hotel in Cedartown. If you have prepared for two back-to-back days of 45 mile rides this isn’t going to be very hard.

Encountered rabbits, snakes, turtles, lizards, suicidal/homicidal squirrels, cats and some deer.

I’ve ridden many rails-to-trails and I put the Ladiga at about a 5 out of 10. Nice, but not really much to see. No “wow, gotta stop and look at that” kind of stuff. Beyond that, Anniston to Cedartown was a pretty typical road ride. Keep pedaling, take a break every 10 miles to stretch the shoulders and then keep pedaling.

WARNING: Our Google maps led us astray in Cedartown. If you pass over the rubber grip matting at or literally on the station platform you have gone too far. That is Main Street and you want S. Main to N. Main and at 1.7 miles the hotel is on the left. Nice, friendly, clean enough, quiet enough. They let us roll our bikes into our rooms. Decent breakfast including one of the waffle makers which is a good way to start a bike day. Zorba’s Greek restaurant just below the hotel was quite good. Lots of good biker food and pitchers of water. [No alcohol is served]. Called it a night a bit after 7:30 and the hotel was quiet and sleep came easy about 9. We did breakfast at 6:30 Wednesday morning and met back in the lobby ready to roll at 7:30.

The trail from Cedartown to Powder Springs jumps from a 5 to 6. A little more varied, a little prettier, a little more to see and several established maintained rest areas too.

We loaded Root Trading in Google maps and turned it on about 15 miles out and it brought us in on the spur trail just below the store - mission accomplished.

Again - thanks to Jake and Root Trading for two clean sizable bathrooms to clean up and change in. We finished packing up and hit Suga’s across the street for lunch before heading back home. The crispy chicken wrap sure hit the spot.

I’m 61 my friend is 59. We bike 2 to 4 times a week both on and off road. Our average mountain bike ride is about 8 miles and our average road ride is just 15. We did a few gravel rides in the high 20s and low 30s and one 40+ road ride to prepare. The added weight of bike packing does make a difference but nothing we couldn’t easily handle. Just take it easy, take a break every 10 miles, have a snack, drink plenty of water and keep on pedaling.

The ROCKBROS pannier bags are fantastic and amazing bang-for-the-buck.

I’d call it about as successful a trip as you could have. Weather/heat aside I’d recommend it as the perfect bike-packing bike-touring shakedown run you could get.

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 05/20/2022 09:34 AM
Nice report

Riverbliss from Nashville, TN on 09/04/2022 12:11 AM
I'm curious about your rating the Silver Comet a 5 out of 10. What would be your favorite trails?

mike_bikes from Columbus GA on 01/05/2023 09:13 PM
I just rode a few days ago.

I started at Cedartown and headed east for 25 miles to just outside of Dallas, GA. Some pretty rough patches of trail with tons of leaves and pine straw, branches, and acorns. It was wet under the leaves, so kind of slippery. The pavement was not visible in a few sections of the trail. Completely rideable though, and started improving west of rockmart(I think it's a new county there and it looked better).

Some of those hills are really steep, combined with the leaf litter and wet pavement under, was a little careful, a few of those hills are deceptively steep and your speed picks up quickly, but you can't always get on the breaks heavy due to the wet leaves....a guy died like that on the hill at the dump.

In general I find the trail between cedartown and rockmart tickey tacky, it's off the railroad grade, some really steep little hills and tight corners with limited visibility, just feel like I can't really get up to speed in that section.

After Dallas, i rode back to Cedartown and rode west from Cedartown for about 12 miles, trail conditions were the same, patches of heavy tree litter on the trail, but completely ridable,

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 01/11/2023 11:47 AM
We had over 4" of rain and high winds prior to you ride.
Generally, takes about a week to get cleaned up and blown off.

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Bike from downtown Atlanta to Smyrna Trailhead
Ginger Lyon from Atlanta on 04/12/2021 10:24 PM
I want to ride my bike from downtown Atlanta to the Trailhead in Smyrna. Bike friendly routes, please. May include MARTA. Thanks.

mike_bikes from Columbus GA on 01/05/2023 10:55 PM
Same Question, anyone ?

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 01/11/2023 11:45 AM
No real friendly roads, just a couple of side walks here and there.
Mostly travel on Marietta / Atlanta Road to EW connector. At this intersection the Atlanta Road Trail (Cobb County), picks up to the SC trail.

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Rough trail
mike_bikes from Columbus GA on 01/05/2023 10:36 PM
I ride a good bit, around 500 miles a month, mostly on a asphalt paved bike trail and asphalt surface streets.....not exactly well maintained, but whenever I get up there and ride the silver comet, wow, on the Georgia side, the concrete is so harsh to me, it beats me up pretty good, neck, shoulders, wrist, even after only 10-20's kind of starting taking the fun out of the silver comet for me.

For example, on the GA side, west of cedartown, there are a 2 short sections where an asphalt road parallels the trail, I take the road...and it's such a physical relief, the roads are not in pristine shape or anything, but relative to the concrete SC trail, it just feels like I'm floating when I'm on the road...Is this just me, I've never really heard anyone else talking about this....

I ride an older 2005-ish specialized allez aluminum frame with carbon forks and seatpost, 25mm tires around 90 psi, but I see you guys and gals out there with your fancy carbon fiber future shock ISOspeed decoupled those rigs do a decent job of taking the edge off that concrete ? Anyone switched from an older bike like mine to a domane\roubaix\synapse\defy modern "endurance" bike ?

Also those long slight grades kind of get in my head at times, i'm used to more of a rolling ride with some pretty level sections in between...guess no carbon fiber in the world can help with that...but going down those long grades is great, makes me feel like I'm a real cyclists...i really like the run from around the state line going east back to cedartown.

No shade on the SC, it's absolutely beautiful, i really like it in the winter in the on-grade sections during leaf-off. You can see the terrain, it's really neat to ride across those valley fills when your way up high and the peak cuts are cool riding in between those walls of rocks...

Redeye on 01/06/2023 07:47 PM
Absolutely ruff conditions. Ive gone with a Jamis Ventura alum/carbon fork roadbike that will hold 32mm tires running about 85psi. Takes the edge off and wasnt a very expensive bike. Double wrap the bars. Im sure a gravel bike would be good also but probably heavier. Ive got an expensive isobar carbon fiber bike and i found them both similar but the 25mm tires are rougher. the carbon bike is faster if you pull but its just really not like the Jamis is a slow bike. I'm lucky to be able to compare both and i was surprised I dont feel like the alum bike is slower.

The 32mm tires are gatorskins. I prefer the Jamis bike on the trail.


mike_bikes from Columbus GA on 01/09/2023 10:40 AM
>Absolutely ruff conditions
Thanks Redeye,glad it's just not me.

Sometimes when I'm riding the SC I think that it sure would be nice if they somehow were able to put a nice smooth layer of asphalt on top of that concrete...sometimes I think way back in the late 90s\early 2000s it was asphalt....but I'm pretty unsure about that...

>Ive gone with a Jamis Ventura alum/carbon fork roadbike
I actually have a ~2008 Jamis Ventura, I figured that it would be around the same ride quality as my Allez. I'm maxed out tire size wize on my allez running the 25s, but yea I'll have another look at my Jamis and see if I can get wider tires on it....

> Double wrap the bars
Ohh yea, thats a good idea

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Access road to Camp Comet
Gordon from Lavonia on 10/12/2022 11:27 AM
Does anyone know how far or what is the closest access road to Camp Comet. Would like to meet up there to spend the night with a relative on their bike ride.Or are there any other places between Rockmart and Cedartown to camp.

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 10/13/2022 09:29 AM
Don Williams TH off Hendrix Road
@ about MP 45.5 and less than 1/4 mile to West to Camp Comet

Zoom in to the map, set your MP# 0 at Smyrna

Gordon from Lavonia on 10/13/2022 10:18 AM
Thanks that helps a lot. Great it's at the halfway point of both trails combined. That's what I was looking for... thanks

mike_bikes from Columbus GA on 01/05/2023 08:51 PM
I was thinking of doing the same thing, parking at the camp ground, camping and riding the next day.

There is a sign at the campground that says something like "Campground is for bike riders only".....which gave me pause about parking and camping...idk I figured if i do it I'll be sure to have my bike in the campground...

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camping on Chief Ladiga Trail
Bruce LaRowe from Charlotte on 10/01/2022 05:56 PM
Is there still camping at the Chief Ladiga Trail Campground outside of Piedmont Ala? I stayed twice in 2021. Are there any other camping locations in Alabama?

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 10/07/2022 10:42 AM
It is my understanding CLT Campground is closed.

Scroll down further for additional Camp site information bellow.

wdf from Birmingham on 11/06/2022 09:00 PM
There is a municipal park just west of Piedmont, owned by the City I think. They allowed our Scout troop to camp there last year. Great access to the trail.

mike_bikes from Columbus GA on 01/05/2023 08:47 PM

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we found a lost pit bull on SCT near Floyd Rd. Trailhead
Anonymous from Smyrna on 12/11/2022 01:23 PM
Extreme longshot, but...

Several of us found a loose pit bull on the trail very near the Floyd Road trailhead. Just west, by the intersection with Brookwood drive. We coralled him to keep him out of the road and away from other trail-user's dogs, and eventually after an hour of trying to find a person he belonged to or getting animal control to come help, one of our group ended up taking him to Cobb County Animal Services.

He was super well behaved, extremely friendly - I am sure he is somebody's pet. If you lost your brindle pit bull anywhere near this area, please post back here and I'll try to help you get back with him.

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Ebike Charging
Jacquie on 10/02/2022 03:27 PM
Does anyone know if there are outlets available to charge Ebikes at the trailhead locations or anywhere else along the Silver Comet trail?

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 10/06/2022 09:08 AM
About South and west on a side trail from Tara Drumming Park is the Paulding County Government complex. It gas some 110 v charger pilons along the side walk of the park.

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Silver Comet Rockmart Group Ride
SA from TN on 09/15/2022 08:29 PM
Hi, Im interested in a group ride on the Comet- starting in Rockmart. Are there any upcoming group rides in Sept/Oct 2022? Also, can anyone supply info on how I can find a group ride on it? It looks like a great ride & I love trestles!

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 09/30/2022 11:10 AM
There is a "RIDE FOR WISHES" event October 8, starting from the Paulding County Gov. Complex @ 8 am. This is just a 22 mile event from the Gov Complex to the tunnel and back (11 out & 11 back).
Note this is in Dallas.

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Hometowne Lodge in Hiram
Marcia W Wiggers from Senoia on 09/25/2022 09:20 PM
Im looking for block rooms for about 15 to 20 ladies for 1 night stay Sat Oct 22nd. Do you have the availability? We would like 2 double or queen beds. Could you let me know.

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Shuttle from Bama to Smyrna
Red Rider from Marietta on 08/29/2022 03:16 PM
Hello, we want to ride from Smyrna to the state line and then have someone shuttle us back. Around 5 riders. Anyone use a business which offers?

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 09/15/2022 08:50 AM
Willing to help. Not a service, just a fellow rider. Buy some gas.
I have a 4 door PU with 3 bike carrier. Someone would have to ride in the back with some bikes, unless you are small guys.
You can contact me at:

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Fish Creek
John on 08/27/2022 06:15 PM
I am thinking of expanding my ride from Dallas to Rockmart and on to Fish Creek. I can't find any information on Fish Creek. It almost seems like it should be avoided. Please advise.

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 08/29/2022 08:10 AM
The west side of Rockmart comes to and parallels 278; with what they call the 278 Rollers. It then turns into cross country. When you leave 278 you are in the Fish Creek community; pastures, farms, and woods to the bottom of Mt. Trashmore.

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tent camping
Anonymous on 07/03/2022 06:39 AM
bikepacking east to west in the fall..probably October. Rockmart first night. Where to camp after that? planning about 30-35 miles per day.

Anonymous on 07/03/2022 11:34 AM
Wondering the same thing.

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 07/05/2022 08:19 AM
Piedmont City Sports complex on the west side of Piedmont.
Zoom in on the map on the West side of Piedmont. Usually check with the Eubanks Welcome Center in down town Piedmont.
About Mile post 15.5 CLT.

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optimum time of the year
Bruce Laubach from Williamsburg on 06/17/2022 09:56 PM
I was wondering what is the optimum time of the year to ride both trails? I may be spending my winter months in the Atlanta area.

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 06/23/2022 03:52 PM
Generally, any time it is not raining or too hot, (hydrate).
Most of the trail is shaded and generally OK in the summer months.
We do have occasional ice and snow, but it does not last long.
October is our driest month, but that can change depending on a hurricane blown in from the gulf.

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Jammifers from Houston, TX on 06/02/2022 10:52 AM
We are looking to ride the trail in a 2 day time frame. We will start in GA and stay in Cedartown for day 1. And then on day 2 head to Anniston/Weaver and stay for the night. And then shuttle back to GA on day 3. Any recommendations on where to stay in Anniston//Weaver?

We have a hotel picked in Cedartown but the Alabama side seems like slim-pickings. Any advice/helpful suggestions are most welcomed. Thanks!

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 06/06/2022 10:33 AM
On the South end (Anniston) there is McClellan Inn (Others have stayed there and left their car overnight), about 1.5 miles south of the trail head, down Weaver / Anniston Rd.
Or North up the trail, end (P Lot) back to Jacksonville there is a Hampton Inn, about 4.5 miles north to MP 28.5 side trail to Jacksonville HS, then North about 2 miles, up HWY 21 (shoulder / side walk). This is North of Jacksonville HS.
Zoom in on the map as more details show up.

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The Rail Restaurant in Rockmart...
Dennis from Niceville, Fl on 05/24/2022 09:30 AM
My wife and I just completed the Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga trails over a period of three years and four trips. A huge thanks to all of those who provided information about the trails, lodging and anything else that made the trips enjoyable and safe.

Yesterday, after finishing the Cedartown to Rockmart segment, we stop at The Rail Restaurant in Downtown Rockmart to celebrate. The new owners have taken an old brick building and made it into a really cool place highlighting the railroad history. Cold draft beer and cheese curds were our selections but they have a nice menu along with liquor. The Rail is right beside the railroads and is about 100 yards from the trail. Great place to stop for lunch or to finish your day.

** The new restaurant has been open for about six months after renovating the old Frankie’s Italian place so it hasn’t been included on some of these sites. Great place to unwind and props to the owners!!

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Campsite or places to stay
Claudia Schruhl from Charlotte on 03/28/2022 11:47 AM
Good morning, I am planning to do the two trails in three days but my concert is the campsites, we are bikepacking; any recommendation? Please

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 03/29/2022 09:17 AM
Other Camping information: Remember MP# 0 (CLT) is the AL / GA line = MP# 66 (SCT).

Piedmont has a nice Sports Complex on the West side of town with pick nick tables and a nice spring. You may wish to inquire if it is available.
The site has a paved trail to it and signage for camping. It is right at the “Welcome to Piedmont “ sign. (about MP# 16 CLT MP) Spring is tasty good water.

At MP# 7 (CLD MPs) is a pay Chief Ladiga Campground I have heard is nice. This where the Pinot Hiking Trail come through (Wilderness). CLOSED

Also there is Camp Comet (free) at MP# 45.5 (SCT MPs) between Cedartown and Rockmart. This is the East side of Mtn. Trashmore.

Also there is a nice camp at Raccoon Creek at MP# 29.5. (SCT). There is a small sign and a trail sign down to the area (also wilderness). This is part of the Paulding Forest WMA and is also free.
This is East of the Brushy Mtn. Tunnel.

Pay campground in Rockmart called The Rock, Turn down McDowell MP# 34.5, (Gravel Road, NO signage and ride across Hwy 113) to return to the Campground, or cross 278 on 113, you will see the Campground on the left.

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 03/29/2022 09:19 AM
Here is some information I have posted before: This information was for a couple riding from opposite ends to Rock Campground each day.

From East (Smyrna, MP# 0) (Publix Shopping Center), to West, not a lot near the trail.
@ Hiram at the Depot PLot, MP# 15.8, you can go North (Seaboard Dr.), about 3/4 mile into a large commercial area with multiple choices. Zoom in on the map, more details show up.
@ Dallas at the Chamber Parking lot MP# 20.5, you can travel East Hwy 278 on a connector trail (3/4 mi) to the red light at Hwy 61 (across) multiple choices. (zoom in).
@ Dallas at the Tara Drummond Trail head MP# 21.5, you can cross 278 Hwy North for a small restaurant and bakery. This is it you are about to be in wilderness.
@ the Brushy Mountain Tunnel, MP# 31.5, Stop take pictures. (used to be MP# 32, see note below).
@ Coot's Lake Trail Head (MP# 34), is just a convenient store. You are very near the Rock Campground.
Turn down McDowell MP# 34.5, (Gravel Road, NO signage and ride across Hwy 113) to return to the Campground, or cross 278 on 113, you will see the Campground on the left.

From the East (Anniston, MP#33) This will be your hardest day Mt. Trash-More MP# 48-47. Now you are on Chief Ladiga MP#s (Start at MP# 0 C Ladiga T, MP#).
@ Jacksonville State University MP# 33- 7 = 26 CLT, off the trail to the east, multiple choices, but too early into the ride.
@ Piedmont Eubanks Welcome Center, MP# 33- 14.5 = 18.5, little coffee / sandwich shops to the North or about ¾ mile further North fast food. This is it you are about to enter wilderness / rural areas.
@ the Georgia (SCT MP# 62) / Alabama Line (CLT MP# 0), Take pictures No Facilities, still wilderness rural areas.
Now back to Georgia SCT MP#s @ Cedartown Depot MP# 51.5, a little Mexican grocery next to the Depot for large hard pork rinds or North ¾ mile to multiple options.
When you leave Cedartown some travel is on roads / side walk trail, more specifically up Juliette Street, MP# 51, back to the SCT.
@ MP#48 you start your climb over Mt Trash-More and more wilderness.
@ MP# 41.5, you have a Dollar General across the HWY.
@ MP# 38, Down Town Rockmart and Trail Head, you have multiple small shops and eateries and good BBQ. (Zoom in on Map).
@ Vinson Mt. Trail Head, MP# 36.5 , you can go North about 1 mile on, S. Piedmont Ave. to a Dairy Queen or further North another 1 mile to a commercial area, (Zoom in on map).
@ MP# 34.5, turn South down McDowell Rd, NOT marked Gravel Road to cross Hwy 113 to the Campground.

Some of the Georgia MP# are confusing as Mavell used to be MP# 0 and now it is Publix Shopping Center.

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Chief Ladiga Trail Campground in Piedmont
Carla Raye from Huntsville, AL on 03/28/2022 12:40 PM
The campground is....was....a great place to camp. Unfortunately, it is permanently closed (since Jan 2022) due to the owner's ongoing dispute over repairs to the county road leading up to it. Hate to see this happen. Hoping someone else will develop a primitive camping area along the trail.

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Looking to open small cabins on Silver Comet between Dallas and Hiram Ga
David from Dallas on 01/21/2022 05:51 PM
My wife and I utilize the Silver Comet regularly and we love the stretch from Hiram to Rockmart. Would there be enough interest to have small cabins for overnight stay on the Silver Comet trail and a house for larger groups. These would be right off trail and have bathrooms and safe place for bikes. Cabins would be simple but nice and you would have outdoor space for bonfires and A/C and Heat with sleeping for 2 - 4 people per cabin and online booking and keyless entry. Cheaper than hotel and Bed and Breakfast!
Looking for honest feedback to help us decide and we think it would be great for families children as well and adults and children with disabilities. Our grand-daughter is going to turn 4 yrs old soon and we take her riding (wheelchair) and walking on trail now. We hope it becomes a sport she can call her own.

Steve D from Harrisonburg VA on 02/05/2022 07:23 PM
I am researching riding on the Comet/Chief Ladiga Trail. I was really dismayed to see how few campsites or affordable places to stay there were along the Comet end of the trail. The Chief Ladiga section has Anniston, Jacksonville and Piedmont for lodging with a really nice looking campsite in Piedmont. I ride these kind of bike trails often and they are real magnets for cyclists looking for campsites or other affordable lodging. Check out the Great Allegheny Passage in PA. Every small town along the way has lodging businesses that are thriving from the trail traffic. This is all to say, YES!, your idea for small cabins or a kind of primitive lodge or bunkhouse is a GREAT idea. If you build it they will come!

bzhayes from Madison, AL on 03/04/2022 01:10 PM
These kinds of trail-targeted businesses tend to do very well during times the trails are busy. I would think about having a diverse set of offerings for all sorts of people on the trail. Things I was thinking about:
-Nicer accommodation/cabin for people who like higher-end places to stay
-larger dorm-style accommodations for groups or rentable by the bed when not reserved (perhaps partitionable for flexibility)
-Cheap camping area (grassy field with picnic tables) for people trying to minimize costs
-small general store with ice cream, cool drinks, snacks, and a few emergency and bike supplies. If you have a treat or snack that you do well and is sold at a competitive price point, you can become known for that and become known as a "must-stop" place along the trail.
-a water spigot near the trail for people to fill up water bottles for free.
-Shower rental
-Cold beer

My view of businesses like this is that they do best if they cater to a wide variety of potential customers. A business that caters to a specific "ideal" customer comes across as less friendly and fails to attract sustaining customers.

MePlusBike from Palm Harbor,Fl on 03/26/2022 11:00 PM
Hi David from Dallas. I believe, in short, the answer would be yes there is enough interest. I second the comment from bzhayes regarding grassy areas for tent only. As a cycle tourist I look for those first.
Free is best and I expect nothing more than a space. Quite often free comes with a bathroom (portable) such as those found on the C&O in Maryland.
Electric hookup is a plus and warrants a fee anywhere from $5-15 would be reasonable though at $15 Id be looking for a better bathroom and a shower.
I've seen automated systems for check-in and payment as well as honor code boxes. One site on the Katy Trail had an old refrigerator stocked with snacks and drinks, all on the honor system, a purpose built shower cabin and electric. (to recharge USB power)
Do you already have land or looking to purchase as a business venture?
I may be tackling the trail for my first time in April/May and will pay special attention on the section you mention.
I don't know the longterm plans for the trails but Id be surprised if they don't simply continue further and increase usage by long distance riders. I could see many "bike overnights" from the larger metropolitan areas taking an interest.
Ill be interested to see your progress with this venture. Good Luck

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