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Murderous stretch from Rockmart to Cedartown
RKM from Silver Spring, MD on 09/15/2012 11:58 AM
I just finished riding the Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga Trails. I drove down from Washington DC to ride it. I had a wonderful time riding since the weather was slightly hot, but not overwhelmingly so and my daughter accompanied me as a sag wagon, should I need one. Thanks to not having any rain or bike breakdowns, I rode the entire stretch from Smyrna to Anniston.
The only challenge on the trip occurs between Rockmart and Cedartown where the blogs and websites warn of some hilly terrain that can be tiring. Let me correct that impression. These are reclaimed highways designed for Chevys and Fords for 12 miles. There are a dozen hills of at least 1/2 mile that are, without Lance Armstrong's steroids, impossible to climb on your bike. It took me 2 and 1/2 hours to go about 7 miles. I walked my bike up half the hills and rested for 20 minutes each at the top of three of them. No one anywhere warns you sufficiently about this stretch. This is a conspicuous and dangerous riding section that the fine people in Georgia tend simply to not say a thing about. I almost died on this stretch. After my heart attack a year ago, I was not ready for this challenge, and I emailed my relatives immediately to sue the state for their conspicuous avoidance of a sufficient warning of this dangerous stretch.
My guess is that most of you already know this section exists because in my 2 and 1/2 hours only two other riders passed me. I suspect those of you from the area simply ride west from Cedartown instead of east and those in Rockmart merely head east (only) to avoid it. But those of us coming from out of state are trapped by this section without warning.
Did anyone else out there suffer from these misleading messages that fail to warn anyone of what tremendous difficulty is involved in this stretch of road (it's not a trail)?

SRR from Marietta, GA on 09/24/2012 07:26 AM
An apt description of that stretch. The SCT is a meandering trail for the most part and is only of fairly moderate difficulty, however, and I have never made it a secret when telling others about it, that 12 miles, as noted above, is Difficult. Not for the big shot riders, of course, but for the average rider, which is about 98%, it's a test. Yes, many go west from Cedartown or east from Rockmart, that's the easier thing to do. I remember my travails the first time I did this stretch and while not walking I was certainly spinning. Also, this 12 miles is situated nearly in the 'middle' of the Anniston to Smyrna ride and is s big psychological hurdle for the average rider as they get nearer, and nearer, this stretch. It is enjoyable though, and makes the SCT more, er...'interesting'...:-)

Also, that stretch is out in the 'boondocks' so one will see relatively few riders along this area. I would always suggest a buddy if doing the full stretch from Symrna to Anniston, or simply through this 12 mile stretch.

David from Buford Ga on 09/30/2012 09:10 PM
Your description is the best of the Alps section of the SCT. We stopped to rest on one of the benches and scrawled by an obviously weary hand stated THIS PART SUX. Compared to most of the SCT how hilly is the Chief Ladiga trail.

Steve H from Pelham, AL on 11/01/2012 01:05 PM
The Chief Ladiga is flat, flat, flat. Since it is entirely an old railway, very slight grades here and there. Going east, you won't hit a real grade until you get to Cedartown. Planning on riding the SCT from Cedartown to Dallas this weekend. Your description makes me a little nervous.

renegadetenor from denver on 02/18/2013 10:12 PM
Though I have not ridden it, a person is responsible for knowing what kind of condition he is in, and besides those kind of hurdles are part of the adventure. Try riding across "flat" Nebraska, with an incessant headwind.

Richard C Beck from Conyers, GA on 12/24/2013 08:59 PM
The hilly portion is there as a detour because... that part of the old Silver Comet RR is still active with trains on it. So it's best to have a low gear of less than 36 gear inches(G.I.). See

Davo from Menlo on 12/28/2013 06:59 PM
As a 52 year old beginner, I expect the worst, and hope for flat ground. When I rode down the hill, I wondered why there was a bench half way down, I was wrong, the bench was half way up, for a reason. I made the ride without stopping until I reached the top. I rested with the 20 year olds who were tired also. If you wish only for flat ground, get a stationary bike.

Gene from Indiana on 02/14/2014 12:35 AM
You want flat ground, try riding the Cowboy Trail in northern Nebraska. ( You can ride from one county road to the next and it will show you what the whole trail is like. Warning: they have the Texas goathead sandburr and it is attracted to bicycle tires. It went through my Kevlar tires on my Burley trailer.

Ed skater from Sarasota on 04/28/2014 03:36 PM
Give me a break, sue because it was to hilly? I am 50 and road/walked it on my longboard skateboard in the 188 mile 3 day stage race that goes the whole length of the Chief Ladiga and the silver comit trail and back. Damn sue happy USA nothing should be a challenge/adventure. I say to you stay at home next time.

Radmann from Inwood , WV on 09/17/2017 06:15 PM
IF it took you 2 1/2 hours to go 7 miles due to the hill(s) then you might consider NOT riding at all and sticking to a gym or simply ride flat trails. The Washington & Old Dominion trail (in your area)has hills and dozens of crossings making it a challenge of sorts. I hate losing momentum while riding. I live in West Virginia where we have LOTS of hills.

Anonymous on 09/27/2017 02:45 AM
This I over Garbage Hill dumb ass. Dah go sue your own ignorant stupid ass for not researching data.

pk from Memphis on 09/20/2017 05:13 PM
hello. my buddy and I are planning to ride the CL and SC trail starting on oct 19 through the weekend we did this a few yrs ago. I am wondering if anybody knows if there was damage on the trail from Hurricane Irma? damage that hasn't been repaired or can not be repaired? thanks

JH from Orange Park, FL on 09/24/2017 03:08 PM
Hope you get some answers. I'd like to know too.

bm from Alpharetta on 09/25/2017 12:48 AM
There were no issues with the SCT trail from mile 0 to mile 52 (cedartown), and likely no problems that i've from that to the state line. As to CL, i wouldn't know. You can see where a number of trees fell down, but those have been cut up.

Chief Ladiga/Anniston shuttle options
AgentOrange90 from Mableton, Ga on 08/13/2017 06:49 PM
I really want to bike from Esom Hill trail head to the Chief Ladiga trailhead in Anniston, AL. I can handle 30 miles but don't think I would be able to make it back. I am curious if there are any Uber options in Anniston where you can get a lift with your bike back to Esom Hill. I may drive out to Anniston and bike a bit of the trail out there; then scout out the taxi companies or other transportation options. I figure I may be able to find a local there and pay them gas & transport fee for lift back to Esom Hill.

new peddler on 08/24/2017 02:33 PM
Did you find a taxi service or uber driver?

Know of any 'scheduled' group rides on SCT ?
RJ from Sugar Hill, GA on 03/05/2017 11:30 AM
Does anyone know of any 'group' rides, which would be 'open to the public,' that are planned this spring or summer on the Silver Comet?

BM from Alpharetta, GA on 03/28/2017 04:49 PM
Try and look for something called Silver Comet Trail Cycling. They started last fall; they had a few rides. Appears to be just regular riders and not the speed demons.

RJ on 03/28/2017 08:55 PM
Thank you BM ... found it & joined.

JA from Acworth on 04/09/2017 10:36 AM
No luck with meet up. Any other information pertaining to casual group rides? Don't enjoy riding solo.

B M from Alpharetta, GA on 07/20/2017 07:20 PM

Overnight trail head parking and camping
Dave from Slagle on 07/10/2017 10:25 AM
Hi all. I was planning an overnight trip in the next couple weeks starting at Camp Highland Rd in Smyrna near the Smyrna Bicycles. Is the little parking lot along the road a good place to leave a car overnight (relatively speaking)? It looks like it was probably built for the trail users. Also, has anyone stayed at the Chief Ladiga Campground in Piedmont AL? Was thinking about staying the night there, and heading back the next day. Appreciate any info you have. Thanks!

trail closures
Americamper from Anniston on 06/29/2017 11:41 PM
Anyone know if there are any current trail closures on any part of the Silver Comet Trail?

Trail Trip
TM from Dalton GA on 12/13/2016 06:26 PM
I plan to ride the trail from end to end , I have ridden the Silver Comet Trail from begining to Rockmart and back in 1 day, no hils at all, I see there are hills from the other side of Rockmart to Cedartown, how hard are they? I will train before I make this ride to make but I want to make it in 12hrs. what do you think! P.S. I am not a professional rider.

jenny from chattanooga on 01/15/2017 08:09 PM
the hills are tough-- short but steep-- but they're only in a 4-5 mile segment with some flat areas in between hills. since it's on the trail, it's easy to pull over and catch your breath if needed. i'm a recreational rider and made it fine (but not without sweat and cursing)!

Deegie from Jefferson TX on 02/22/2017 01:47 PM
my husband and I did Smyrna to the line and back for 123 miles and were on the bikes 10 hours. trashmore mountain is a bad boy all right! I only cried once :) have fun! we are prepping to do a 2 days 200 mil out and back in the spring!

BM from Alpharettaa on 04/19/2017 08:48 PM
TM...are you still planning to do this this year? Alone? I'm training for it as well. Let me know and I'll send contact info.

Walter from Atlanta on 06/23/2017 09:23 PM
I rode the stretch from Rockmart to the Chief Ladiga trail head. I didn't think the Trashmore mt section was too terrible. I seem to remember it even had swtichbacks which made it easier. I seem to remember a huge downhill stretch after this that seemed to go on for a few miles. I have riden the entire trail and the Rockmart to Cedartown stretch to me is by far the best.

Arvind Krishna from Atlanta on 06/25/2017 09:49 PM
I plan to do it one-way - from Atlanta to Anniston. Is there any way to bring my bike back on any vehicle. I found that Amtrak in this route does not have the facility to carry the bike.

Maximum quad width on Silver Comet Trail
JB from Calhoun on 05/22/2017 10:52 AM
What is the maximum width of trikes or quads on the trail due to the bollards (posts) that keep cars off the trail? My wife & I are thinking about getting a side-by-side quad but fear it will not fit between the posts. Some of the quads range from 38 to 55 inches wide. Anybody know a good source for these? We've read about Rhoads Car, Quadracycle LLC, etc.
Thank you.

Eubanks Welcome Center in Piedmont
Clarke33 from Huntsville on 04/09/2017 10:01 AM
Great place to start your ride from. Eddie and all the volunteers that staff the welcome center are very warm and friendly and offer a great place to stop if riding from another part of the trail. Bathrooms outside and one inside that has a shower to use if you bring a towel. I ride the CL/SC every few weeks and highly recommend this stop.

RJ from Sugar Hill, GA on 04/09/2017 01:49 PM
Good info Clark. - Many thanks

Smyrna to Anniston
Smyrna to Anniston on 03/29/2017 02:52 PM
Are any parts of the trail closed

The Bricks on South Marble in Rockmart
Rob from Knoxville, TN on 03/19/2017 08:00 PM
According to Google Search this location is closed. The link on the page is NSF.

lodging at Coots Lake
Suzy L from Lagrange, GA on 09/13/2016 08:57 PM
Does anyone know of lodging at Coots Lake Beach Trailhead

Anonymous on 03/03/2017 04:39 PM
About 1 mile west of Coots Lake .....
A few miles further west is Rome ....

Anonymous on 03/03/2017 08:35 PM
My apologies ... I just posted that ' "Rome" was a few miles further west.' I had intended to say that "Rockmart" was few miles further west. Sorry for that error on my part. Thx.

Coot's Lake
Carol Maher from Cartersville, GA on 02/22/2017 09:10 AM
Coot's Lake, One of many beautiful places along the Silver Comet trail. Another 3 miles to the East and you enter the Brushy Mtn. Tunnel.

Where can I camp
Andy on 01/15/2017 11:14 AM
looking for good spot near aniston

Anonymous on 11/01/2016 07:37 PM
Great lunch available at Soli's Soups, Salads and Sandwiches. Try the chicken salad and pimento cheese. Short distance off the trail in downtown.

Disability access
Respecthelect from FL on 09/14/2016 09:16 PM
Is a sub-50cc mobility-scooter allowed on the trail? Florida treats sub-50cc scooters similar to bicycles, in that they can drive on sidewalks and license plates are optional. Have read Georgia law and it likewise treats sub-50cc scooters like bicycles - in their own separate category. Mine has Florida handicap plates (service-connected disability). Family is planning to bike the trail and I'd like to tag along, if it's allowed?

lodging at Don Williams
Suzy L from Lagrange, GA on 09/13/2016 08:59 PM
Does anyone know of lodging at Don Williams Trail Head?

hiking on the silver comet and lodging
SuzyL from Lagrange on 09/13/2016 08:55 PM
Does anyone know of lodging close to the Florence Road Trailhead?

Piedmont Trailhead / Eubanks Welcome Center in Piedmont
MHG from BIRMINGHAM on 08/07/2016 04:39 PM
Piedmont is the best access point for the trail. After a long ride, you can shower and change clothes at the Eubanks Welcome Center before your drive home. What a plus. Thanks!!

Trudy on 07/04/2016 01:19 PM
Are there any nearby motels that will let us bring our bikes inside for the night?

Trevor on 07/04/2016 10:55 PM
Which town?

Anonymous on 08/04/2016 01:43 PM
We've stayed at many hotels from budget to 4-star and have never been told we couldn't take our bikes to the room.

Frankie's Italian Restaurant in Rockmart
Brett from Marietta, GA on 07/30/2016 10:43 PM
Unfortunately they closed last year.

Day from Memphis on 06/12/2016 10:02 PM
Can anyone suggest a hotel in Smyrna that is close to the trail or at least one you do not have to travel on a busy highway to reach?

Amtrak station in Atlanta/ hills
Teresa from Kearney, mo. on 04/05/2016 07:44 PM
Does anyone know how close the Amtrak station in Atlanta is to the trail in Smyrna? Or any shuttles that could transport us? Want to ride from Smyrna to Anninston and take the train back to Atlanta.
And I can't get a sense of this trail on hills. Is it hilly? Or just in a certain area?

Joy from Atlanta, Georgia on 05/15/2016 10:48 AM
Hi! The Amtrak station is located in Buckhead and about a 30 minute drive to the Silver comet trailhead. You might be able to get a taxi/uber. The trail is very flat because it was an old railway.

JonathanL from East Cobb, GA on 06/07/2016 01:59 PM
First, the Amtrak station is about 30 minutes drive from the Silver Comet Trailhead at Mavell Rd. You will, however, have issues because you cannot bring a bike on board at Anniston as they don't have baggage handling service at Anniston at this time. SO, your bike would have to fold down to be of carry-on size. Unfortunately, rail service WITH your bike is not feasible to/from Anniston. You could, however, do what I did and park your vehicle in Anniston and then ride Amtrak back the day or 2 before your ride.

Second, the trail is flat as it was built on a railbed. It does have slight (very slight) inclines and declines but nothing of note. There is, however, one VERY notable exception. The section from Grady Road to the Cedartown Depot (roughly 5-6 miles long) is very hilly. When you traverse this section, pay very close attention to the signs and markings on the trail. There is one downhill section that has a sharp curve at the end that will catch you off-guard if you are not careful.

shuttle from either end
Mark Jones from Knoxville, TN on 04/27/2016 03:48 PM
My friend and I will be cycling the entire trail one-way Memorial Day weekend 2016 (2 days Sat. 28th /Sun 29nd),can start from either end ... seeking a shuttle if anyone knows of a service ... or someone willing to exchange vehicles and drive/meet half-way on Sun.29th or Mon.(30th).

Chief Ladiga closure in Jacksonville
Ray (webmaster) on 02/26/2016 07:00 PM
A portion of the Chief Ladiga in Jacksonville is temporarily closed due to storm damage, details and photos:

Don from Fairfax, VA on 03/13/2016 07:42 PM
Is there a detour in effect that is easily followed, or do we need to have a map?

Powder Springs
Stephanie Hart from Atlanta on 02/23/2016 03:40 PM
Please add Publix at Powder Springs shopping center to the services. It's right across the street from the trail entrance and is a great spot to stop for food, water or restrooms.

3721 New Macland Road
Powder Springs, GA 30127

Chief Ladiga Trail Campground in Piedmont
Pam pittman from Tampa fl on 11/09/2015 01:21 PM
Do u have monthly rentals and if so how much?

weather in november
jersey joe from nj on 10/08/2015 10:01 AM
looking at a mid-november out & back ride ... how's the weather, then ......

Run the entire trail
Danni from Atlanta on 10/05/2015 09:06 PM
I intend to run the entire trail (Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga) sometime in the next few months. As you have to be off the trail after dark, this will probably be a 2-3 day run. I'll be running alone - so the proverbial question: is there a safety issue? I'm a not very intimidating male.

how long does it take to ride the trail?
dw from Atlanta on 06/15/2015 10:59 PM
A friend and I are looking to bike the trail from Smyrna to Anniston, and I'm wondering about how long it takes? We're not pro bikers or anything, but pretty athletic, so assuming an decent comfortable pace around how long will we be on the trail?

Jtan21 on 08/15/2015 09:32 PM
Myself and a group are riding this in October, just wondering if you had a answer to the question?

Sir Randall from Fort Lauderdale, Fl on 10/03/2015 10:55 PM
I rode Smyrna to Rockmart and back in May for 84 total miles. Riding time was 5.5 hours and elapsed time was 6.5 hours. I generally ride 15-20 mph so figure maybe 8-10 hours depending on how many stops you take. I will be riding the whole trail again at the end of October.

Lamont Motel in Piedmont
Anonymous on 10/01/2015 07:58 PM
From everything I can find -- this motel is permanently closed?

Powder Springs
JB from Dallas on 09/06/2015 06:01 PM
BONESHAKER BICYCLES should be listed next to the comet trail by the Florence road trail head.
3401 Florence circle suit 300
Powder Springs GA 30127
Tue-Fri 11 am - 6:30 pm
Sat 10 am - 4 pm
Sun 10 am - 3 pm

Ray (webmaster) on 09/07/2015 08:37 AM
Thanks for the heads-up. I have added Boneshaker to the Powder Springs page.
Happy trails!

Hiram Trailhead in Hiram
TG from Douglasville on 08/18/2015 12:57 PM
CYCOLOGY BIKE SHOP should be listed near this trailhead. It's just minutes from the trailhead in the Paulding Exchange shopping center at
4484 Jimmy Lee Smith Parkway
Hiram, GA 30141
P: 678-909-2472
Tue-Fri 11 am - 6 pm
Sat 10 am - 5 pm - Sun 1 pm - 5 pm

Ray (webmaster) on 08/21/2015 09:26 PM
Thank you for the heads-up; I have added Cycology to the Hiram page.

Van Wert Trailhead in Rockmart
TG from Douglasville on 08/18/2015 12:43 PM
The water fountain no longer works at the Van Wert Trailhead.

Overnight stays
Dale from Huntsville, AL on 08/16/2015 08:59 AM
Does anyone know of a lodge or vacation home rental that would sleep 4 couples close to the trail. We wanted to avoid hotels and some of our group does not want to camp.

The Rock RV Park and Campground in Rockmart
Amber Trantham from Alexandria, AL on 02/17/2014 07:47 AM
This Campground is actually at mile marker 34. From Smyrna to Rockmart take the McDowell Road exit off the trail just past mile marker 34 and Coot's Lake. The road dead ends into the campground and is just 300 yards off the trail. There is also a cheap motel across the street called Polk motel. But the campground was nice. The people were friendly. And the cost was just $15 a night. There is no camp store but you can get just about anything you need at the gas station at Coot's Lake less than a mile up the trail.

The Beautiful Rock Campground, RV, and Music Park from Rockmart on 08/11/2015 09:11 AM
We were so glad to have you! We hope that you come back and stay with us again!

Any organized 'easy' GROUP rides?
BikePacker on 08/07/2015 08:36 AM
Anyone know of any regularly scheduled easy to moderate group rides on The Silver Comet, preferably on the eastern side ??? Thanks.

Overnight Parking
Manscout on 07/26/2015 09:20 PM
Is overnight parking at any of the eastern trailheads available? safe?

Anonymous on 07/27/2015 03:38 PM
Here is a 'Parking' spot that I know is safe; however, it is maybe too far to the west of "east" for you .... as it is just east of Rockmart; plus, it would cost you $15 or so per day. It is a well run campground called The Rock that has been in business for years. If you chose to inquire with them you will probably find that Lydia is your point of contact, and John is the owner. Here is the webside with the "Contact" page:
They are available by phone, as well, however, I have found that Lydia is even more responsive by email.
Best wishes on good Silver Comet fun :- ).

phil from mcdonough on 07/21/2015 05:20 PM
is it safe to run the trail or is it only for bikes?

Anonymous on 07/25/2015 01:45 PM
GREAT for running, biking, skating, walking and ever just settin'-a-spell-'n-watching all the above fun times.... :-).

Riding and staying on the trail.
Al Barnett from Childersburg, Alabama on 07/19/2015 06:02 AM
My 13 year old son along with me and my 21 year old nephew just completed a three day 172 mile trip along the trail. Other than being extremely hot we had a blast. We parked in Jacksonville at the old train depot on Thursday morning. We were on mountain bikes which are not great for speed on the trail. We had lunch at a local place called Knuckle Heads in Rockmart. Good atmosphere and the food was good. The ride up to the Brushy Mountain tunnel was a gradual incline the entire way. We spent the night in the Sleep Inn and Suites in Hiram. Very easy access to the trail. Lots of good restaurants within an easy walk of the hotel. The next morning my 13 year old slept while me and my nephew rode on to Smyrna. This was a very easy 28 mile round trip. Back to the hotel for naps and dinner. We were back I. The trail at 6:30 am. Hiram to Rockmart was fast and easy. Of course Rockmart to Cedartown is no joke. The heat index got as high as 112. We had lunch in Piedmont at the Solid Rock Cafe. Excellent food. We got there about 2:30. 76 miles total and we got to Jacksonville about 4:39. Great trip, but I want to go in the fall to see the fall colors.

2 Day Bike Ride-Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga
Southern Express SAG from Jonesboro on 08/14/2011 08:11 PM
We have started a new SAG business down the Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga Trail every Wednesday and Thursday rotating between Georgia and Alabama. We would love for you all to join us! Our website address is

Winston and Tammy

camille from Alpharetta, GA on 08/27/2012 11:02 AM
We loved the 2 day bike ride with you all and hope to get the word out as much as possible. It was just a blast with the new friends we made and perfect weather. This is the perfect weekend and we were so well taken care of, and I would even use the word pampered :) The Hampton Inn hotel was brand new, cozy beds, and great outdoor pool. The dinner was delicious complete with a shuttle to the place. Great breakfast on Sunday and the ride back was so fun. We will be doing this again very soon. Thanks to Tammy and husband, and Winston and Heather.

endo from lady lake, fl on 06/25/2015 06:47 PM
contact info of SAG please

Saturday Group Rides
Eric B from Vinings on 06/10/2015 10:07 AM
Anyone interested in starting a no drop Saturday morning group ride from the Silver Comet Depot?

Powder Springs
Steinmeyer from Augusta on 05/17/2015 09:33 AM
Do police bike patrol the Silver Comet Trail?

GCG from Lilburn on 06/06/2015 05:48 AM
Yes. There is a patrol car half the width of the trail that makes rounds. I've seen it primarily between Hiram and Rockmart, but never beyond that point.

Parking overnight in Rockmart
Steve from Snellville on 06/01/2015 07:30 PM
My wife and I plan to ride from Rockmart to Anniston, spend the night at a B&B and ride back the next day. I am wondering where I can safely leave my car overnight in Rockmart. Safe from both thieves and tow trucks.

Does anyone have suggestions on where to park?

lodging in cedartown
Patty from Memphis on 05/24/2015 08:30 AM
i am wondering if anyone has had experience staying at motels other than the holiday inn express in cedar town? there are no rooms available there on the nights we need. there is the country hearth inn? and another one of which i can't remember the name.

Ragsdale Inn in Dallas
Jackie Crum from Memphis Tn on 05/18/2015 09:18 PM
The Inn is approximately 1.2 miles from the trailer when you use the Tara Drummond Trail Head.

End to End Ride
Relic from Savannah GA on 12/26/2014 05:05 PM
My riding buddy and I will be riding the SCT and Chief Ladiga trails (round trip) in early May. We'll have an overnight stay in AL.

Neither of us have ridden it before and have no idea about motel/hotel accommodations or eating places in AL. Would appreciate any hints/help anyone can give.

I am also a little concerned about the hills (I'm 80 years old)....are there several "notable" hills on the trails? If so, where?

Would appreciate any "lessons learned" if you are willing to share them with us.


Gregory Forrester from glasgow, mt on 01/10/2015 08:12 AM
I have ridden the Chief Lagida/Silver Comet Trail several times. There are some steep hills between Cedartown and Rockmart. The steepest hill are from Cedartown to about 5 miles to the east. There is also a steep hill on the west side of Rockmart. A few of these hills are steep enough the many people have to walk their bikes up the hill. The rest of the trail is either flat or has gradual climbs and descents. The hotel that I have recently stayed at on the Alabama side is the Hampton Inn in Jacksonville. I had a good stay there in March 2014.

Ariel from Cedartown, GA on 05/04/2015 03:55 PM
The Eubanks Welcome Center has a website that lists the motels on the Chief Ladiga.

Anonymous on 05/17/2015 09:05 AM
I'd park in the middle and ride to one end and back on day one and then ride to the other end and back on day two. Nothing close to the trail in Alabama as far as I can tell. Rockmart Econolodge is not far from the trail and fairly centrally located and Rockmart is a better place to RON (remain over night) compared to Cedartown, IMHO.

Chief Ladiga/Silver Comet
Anonymous from PBG, FL on 05/17/2015 09:01 AM
Rode Chief Ladiga/Silver Comet 5/13-14/2015. Started at Anniston; overnight in Rockmart/Econolodge; ended in Smyrna. Beautiful. Honeysuckle smells all the way; scenic; no flats or other issues. The 'hills' between Cedartown and Rockmart at just rollers; short and steep with the operative word being short. 400 yards max but you MUST be in your lowest gear and hammer (maybe stand up) to get up....I was on a road bike (52/39 in front) and 12/25 in real issues; my buddy on a hybrid missed a shift and wound up walking twice but only for a hundred yards or so....enjoy the ride. Pirkles Deli is the best place for lunch in Cedartown but they close at 3. Econolodge is hidden past McDonalds and behind AutoZone on 268 but you can get there thru the parking lots and avoid the highway. Enjoy and ride safe!

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