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Shuttle service?

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Mark M from Smyrna, TN on 1/21/2023 7:12:13 PM:
I have ridden the entire thing but in two separate trips. I am wondering if anyone provides a shuttle service. Doesn't matter which end I start and finish at. I saw where there use to be a Shuttle in Anniston but apparently, they are no longer around.

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 1/25/2023 8:31:21 AM:
Willing to provide assistance.
I am not a service, just a fellow rider.
You can contact me at:

Mark M from Smyrna, TN on 1/25/2023 10:18:47 PM:
Thank you. When I get a date figured out I will let you know more. Probably March or April.

Jim and Patty from Lafayette, Indiana on 3/26/2023 4:00:16 PM:
We rode the trail from Smyrna to Anniston on March 12 and 13, 2023. It's a great ride, one of the nicest rail trails in the US! We left our car in Smyrna and decided to try to find a shuttle back from Anniston. We had read about possible shuttle services in Piedmont and Powder Springs. The PS service was not available, but we got a winner in the Elevated Grounds Cafe in Piedmont. They arranged a ride for the two of us and our bikes with only one day notice! We are grateful!!

Steve Fleischman from Anchorage Alaska on 4/1/2023 5:38:32 PM:
Hello! Four of us are hoping to ride from Dallas to Anniston starting on April 23rd but we have not yet found a way to get back to our vehicle on Wed April 26th. Any suggestions?

Tim Corbin from Augusta, Georgia on 4/8/2023 9:44:54 AM:
Jim & Patty,
I would be very interested to know where you left your
vehicle in Smyrna.

Nancy B from Hendersonville, NC on 12/9/2023 6:03:28 PM:
A friend and I are planning to ride from Smyrna to Anniston in April 2024. Where can we leave our cars in Smyrna for 3-4 days? We'll try the Elevated Grounds Cafe for a shuttle back from Anniston to retrieve our cars.

Bruce from Marietta on 12/11/2023 4:20:39 PM:
Most riders leave their cars at the Publix Shopping Center.
Generally inform the manager of Publix.