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Reply to Looking to open small cabins on Silver Comet between Dallas and Hiram Ga

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Reply to Looking to open small cabins on Silver Comet between Dallas and Hiram Ga
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David from Dallas on 1/21/2022 5:51:12 PM:
My wife and I utilize the Silver Comet regularly and we love the stretch from Hiram to Rockmart. Would there be enough interest to have small cabins for overnight stay on the Silver Comet trail and a house for larger groups. These would be right off trail and have bathrooms and safe place for bikes. Cabins would be simple but nice and you would have outdoor space for bonfires and A/C and Heat with sleeping for 2 - 4 people per cabin and online booking and keyless entry. Cheaper than hotel and Bed and Breakfast!
Looking for honest feedback to help us decide and we think it would be great for families children as well and adults and children with disabilities. Our grand-daughter is going to turn 4 yrs old soon and we take her riding (wheelchair) and walking on trail now. We hope it becomes a sport she can call her own.

Steve D from Harrisonburg VA on 2/5/2022 7:23:58 PM:
I am researching riding on the Comet/Chief Ladiga Trail. I was really dismayed to see how few campsites or affordable places to stay there were along the Comet end of the trail. The Chief Ladiga section has Anniston, Jacksonville and Piedmont for lodging with a really nice looking campsite in Piedmont. I ride these kind of bike trails often and they are real magnets for cyclists looking for campsites or other affordable lodging. Check out the Great Allegheny Passage in PA. Every small town along the way has lodging businesses that are thriving from the trail traffic. This is all to say, YES!, your idea for small cabins or a kind of primitive lodge or bunkhouse is a GREAT idea. If you build it they will come!

bzhayes from Madison, AL on 3/4/2022 1:10:57 PM:
These kinds of trail-targeted businesses tend to do very well during times the trails are busy. I would think about having a diverse set of offerings for all sorts of people on the trail. Things I was thinking about:
-Nicer accommodation/cabin for people who like higher-end places to stay
-larger dorm-style accommodations for groups or rentable by the bed when not reserved (perhaps partitionable for flexibility)
-Cheap camping area (grassy field with picnic tables) for people trying to minimize costs
-small general store with ice cream, cool drinks, snacks, and a few emergency and bike supplies. If you have a treat or snack that you do well and is sold at a competitive price point, you can become known for that and become known as a "must-stop" place along the trail.
-a water spigot near the trail for people to fill up water bottles for free.
-Shower rental
-Cold beer

My view of businesses like this is that they do best if they cater to a wide variety of potential customers. A business that caters to a specific "ideal" customer comes across as less friendly and fails to attract sustaining customers.

MePlusBike from Palm Harbor,Fl on 3/26/2022 11:00:20 PM:
Hi David from Dallas. I believe, in short, the answer would be yes there is enough interest. I second the comment from bzhayes regarding grassy areas for tent only. As a cycle tourist I look for those first.
Free is best and I expect nothing more than a space. Quite often free comes with a bathroom (portable) such as those found on the C&O in Maryland.
Electric hookup is a plus and warrants a fee anywhere from $5-15 would be reasonable though at $15 Id be looking for a better bathroom and a shower.
I've seen automated systems for check-in and payment as well as honor code boxes. One site on the Katy Trail had an old refrigerator stocked with snacks and drinks, all on the honor system, a purpose built shower cabin and electric. (to recharge USB power)
Do you already have land or looking to purchase as a business venture?
I may be tackling the trail for my first time in April/May and will pay special attention on the section you mention.
I don't know the longterm plans for the trails but Id be surprised if they don't simply continue further and increase usage by long distance riders. I could see many "bike overnights" from the larger metropolitan areas taking an interest.
Ill be interested to see your progress with this venture. Good Luck