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Access road to Camp Comet

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Gordon from Lavonia on 10/12/2022 11:27:39 AM:
Does anyone know how far or what is the closest access road to Camp Comet. Would like to meet up there to spend the night with a relative on their bike ride.Or are there any other places between Rockmart and Cedartown to camp.

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 10/13/2022 9:29:00 AM:
Don Williams TH off Hendrix Road
@ about MP 45.5 and less than 1/4 mile to West to Camp Comet

Zoom in to the map, set your MP# 0 at Smyrna

Gordon from Lavonia on 10/13/2022 10:18:59 AM:
Thanks that helps a lot. Great it's at the halfway point of both trails combined. That's what I was looking for... thanks

mike_bikes from Columbus GA on 1/5/2023 8:51:52 PM:
I was thinking of doing the same thing, parking at the camp ground, camping and riding the next day.

There is a sign at the campground that says something like "Campground is for bike riders only".....which gave me pause about parking and camping...idk I figured if i do it I'll be sure to have my bike in the campground...