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How high are any tressels?

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Gary from Chicago on 11/5/2023 9:32:16 PM:
I am considering a spring ride on these two trails. I have read there is at least one high tressell and am wondering if there is a way to avoid it without adding too many miles.

I am one of those people with a fear of heights and am used to detouring to avoid them.


bike_mike on 11/7/2023 4:47:40 PM:
Just want to say that I'm also not all that thrilled with heights.

However, the pumpkinvine creek trestle that you are referring to is pretty wide and is enclosed by a pretty tall 5 rail wooden fence, it's not a problem for me, at all, even though I really do hate heights, this one feels secure, it's pretty easy to ride across and not even look over the edge, it's about 120 feet tall, but there are a lot of trees on the north side that kindof make it hard to see the actual creek below.

Google pumpkinvine creek trestle, lots of pictures.

Here is a link to it on google maps, i really don't see an easy way around it:,-84.8834538,16.97z/data=!5m1!1e3?entry=ttu