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Claudia Schruhl from Charlotte on 3/28/2022 11:47:05 AM:
Good morning, I am planning to do the two trails in three days but my concert is the campsites, we are bikepacking; any recommendation? Please

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 3/29/2022 9:17:51 AM:
Other Camping information: Remember MP# 0 (CLT) is the AL / GA line = MP# 66 (SCT).

Piedmont has a nice Sports Complex on the West side of town with pick nick tables and a nice spring. You may wish to inquire if it is available.
The site has a paved trail to it and signage for camping. It is right at the “Welcome to Piedmont “ sign. (about MP# 16 CLT MP) Spring is tasty good water.

At MP# 7 (CLD MPs) is a pay Chief Ladiga Campground I have heard is nice. This where the Pinot Hiking Trail come through (Wilderness). CLOSED

Also there is Camp Comet (free) at MP# 45.5 (SCT MPs) between Cedartown and Rockmart. This is the East side of Mtn. Trashmore.

Also there is a nice camp at Raccoon Creek at MP# 29.5. (SCT). There is a small sign and a trail sign down to the area (also wilderness). This is part of the Paulding Forest WMA and is also free.
This is East of the Brushy Mtn. Tunnel.

Pay campground in Rockmart called The Rock, Turn down McDowell MP# 34.5, (Gravel Road, NO signage and ride across Hwy 113) to return to the Campground, or cross 278 on 113, you will see the Campground on the left.

Bruce E Coyle from Marietta on 3/29/2022 9:19:05 AM:
Here is some information I have posted before: This information was for a couple riding from opposite ends to Rock Campground each day.

From East (Smyrna, MP# 0) (Publix Shopping Center), to West, not a lot near the trail.
@ Hiram at the Depot PLot, MP# 15.8, you can go North (Seaboard Dr.), about 3/4 mile into a large commercial area with multiple choices. Zoom in on the map, more details show up.
@ Dallas at the Chamber Parking lot MP# 20.5, you can travel East Hwy 278 on a connector trail (3/4 mi) to the red light at Hwy 61 (across) multiple choices. (zoom in).
@ Dallas at the Tara Drummond Trail head MP# 21.5, you can cross 278 Hwy North for a small restaurant and bakery. This is it you are about to be in wilderness.
@ the Brushy Mountain Tunnel, MP# 31.5, Stop take pictures. (used to be MP# 32, see note below).
@ Coot's Lake Trail Head (MP# 34), is just a convenient store. You are very near the Rock Campground.
Turn down McDowell MP# 34.5, (Gravel Road, NO signage and ride across Hwy 113) to return to the Campground, or cross 278 on 113, you will see the Campground on the left.

From the East (Anniston, MP#33) This will be your hardest day Mt. Trash-More MP# 48-47. Now you are on Chief Ladiga MP#s (Start at MP# 0 C Ladiga T, MP#).
@ Jacksonville State University MP# 33- 7 = 26 CLT, off the trail to the east, multiple choices, but too early into the ride.
@ Piedmont Eubanks Welcome Center, MP# 33- 14.5 = 18.5, little coffee / sandwich shops to the North or about ¾ mile further North fast food. This is it you are about to enter wilderness / rural areas.
@ the Georgia (SCT MP# 62) / Alabama Line (CLT MP# 0), Take pictures No Facilities, still wilderness rural areas.
Now back to Georgia SCT MP#s @ Cedartown Depot MP# 51.5, a little Mexican grocery next to the Depot for large hard pork rinds or North ¾ mile to multiple options.
When you leave Cedartown some travel is on roads / side walk trail, more specifically up Juliette Street, MP# 51, back to the SCT.
@ MP#48 you start your climb over Mt Trash-More and more wilderness.
@ MP# 41.5, you have a Dollar General across the HWY.
@ MP# 38, Down Town Rockmart and Trail Head, you have multiple small shops and eateries and good BBQ. (Zoom in on Map).
@ Vinson Mt. Trail Head, MP# 36.5 , you can go North about 1 mile on, S. Piedmont Ave. to a Dairy Queen or further North another 1 mile to a commercial area, (Zoom in on map).
@ MP# 34.5, turn South down McDowell Rd, NOT marked Gravel Road to cross Hwy 113 to the Campground.

Some of the Georgia MP# are confusing as Mavell used to be MP# 0 and now it is Publix Shopping Center.