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Hole in Trail around mile marker 38 in Rockmart

There is a water meter embedded in the trail around mile marker 39 in front of Haney Farm and Ranch, Inc. The water meter is recessed in the trail surface resulting in a sharp concrete lip surrounding the meter that is about 1 1/2 to 2 inches deep. Last weekend I hit this thing and got not one but two flat tires as a result of hitting it! I went back a week later and looked at it and took pictures and noted that the top of the hole is worn away and jagged from so many people hitting it. As a result, I am sure I am not the first to hit this hole and perhaps get flat tires. I think this needs a metal plate installed over the top. Does anyone know the best resource to forward this recommendation to, including pictures? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Tom
posted Apr 3 2017 9:29AM - Tom Simcox, Smyrna, GA

I'm sure you've already checked, but maybe the Haney Farm & Ranch or Haney Powersports can point you in the right direction. Rockmart? Polk? Sorry you had to TOFTT.
posted Apr 14 2017 3:43PM - Anonymous

The hole is still there as of 10/27/2017, it's painted orange so it's a little visible but still could take someone out. For the record it's on the right side headed towards Atlanta (East). Thanks for making this post since I was looking out for it after reading this before leaving.
posted Oct 31 2017 1:58PM - DirtyShoulder


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