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Various Questions

Rick from Grafton, Va. on 5/24/2020 9:51:40 PM:
4-6 of us are planning a thru ride along the SC/CL Rail Trails. I've noticed there seems to be more questions than answers in the forum. Is anyone aware of a shuttle service? We're planning to park at Highland Station and bike westward. Do you need to register your vehicle for overnight stays/multiday stays at the shopping center? We'd actually like to shuttle from Smyrna to Anniston and bike back camping 2 nights. This is a great website. I just wish there were more answers to trail user questions. I'll contact Southern Express Sag but they seem to be more of a sag wagon option. Thanks

Wish from Atlanta on 5/25/2020 10:49:30 AM:
For most people, if not for everyone, top-3 unanswered questions are: i) can I/we park somewhere for 1-4 night(s)? ii) can I/we camp somewhere along the trail? iii) can I/we get a shuttle from either side? And the reason these are unanswered, because nobody knows the answers. Park at your own risk (and let us know the experience) or park in a paid parking facility and ask them to drop you on the trail. Or maybe just bike down the roads! There are camping sites along the trail (think there was one near the state boundary, but I didn't explore that option as I was not interested). I doubt many bikers would carry heavy camping gears; hotels work better for some, particularly with hot waters, comfy beds, no set-ups required and low prices. Believe it or not, the ride is rigorous and you won't want more load or more work for that matter. Still, maybe you can carry your gear, try couple of campsites and post which one is the best for the benefit of others. There is currently no known shuttle services. If there was one, it would be advertising all over the internet. Even Amtrak at Anniston won't allow your bike currently. Uber with bike rack was a failure and discontinued after the pilot run. Best would be to have a friend or family member on either side of the trail. We still live in a society :)

Rick Hancock from Grafton, Va on 5/25/2020 7:37:03 PM:
Wish, I appreciate your reply although it seemed to be rather snooty. I've used (and contributed) to the Allegheny Passage/ C&O forums for years. We enjoy traveling self contained and camping out. Miles and hills don't scare us. On longer rides we'll generally stay in a motel every 4-5 days for showers, ect. I know there are 2 campgrounds plus a 3rd campsite that has no water from what I've read. Since I'm coming appx. 8-9 hours from Va. I don't have family to ferry me. In regards to shuttle info, I thought someone on the site might have some "little known" info. This is my 1st ride on the SC/CL Trail so I was asking questions of other trail users to go along with what I've gathered.

Wish from Atlanta on 5/25/2020 10:56:31 PM:
Hey Rick, suggestions were not specific to your situation. I addressed it to 'most people', hoping it would end the confusion and egg people to contribute more. Enjoy your ride.

RegularJoe from Buford, GA on 6/25/2020 10:06:00 PM:
Wish summarizes the standing questions well. Regarding camping I have found The Rock Campground, a few miles east of Rockmart to be a fine place. Have been there once each year the last 3 years. Here is the website: